Childhood weight problems

Childhood weight problems


For sure we all find those chubby knees and full cheeks on babies quite adorable, but this cute baby fat could be a beginning of serious health concern. It is important to be aware you are not alone in a struggle with your child obesity problem. In the real world, obesity effects a huge number of children around the world, but for sure it is very soluble. With the proper amount of encouragement, role modeling and support your child will for sure reach a healthy weight.


Obesity is on number one list of diseases of the modern world. It also takes along serious problems like diabetes, asthma, heart disease and many other, not to mention emotional struggle of your child when not capable of keeping up with other children in many activities. By early diagnose and taking proper action, you may boost your children’s mental and physical health and establish healthy childhood to last for a lifetime. A lot of understanding and love will show them you want them to be happy.

Causes of obesity

The modern way of life causes everybody to eat too much and exercise and move too little. This includes children also. Amount to support healthy development and growth is much smaller then common intake children have today. As more and more families eat outside rather than home, choices of cheap, high-calorie food are just becoming bigger as portions also, lots of sugar are found in many groceries, more video games, computers, TV and less playing outside and being sport active are basic causes of children overweight problems.

Whole family support

The best solution, so the child with the problem doesn’t feel alone is that whole family starts on the healthier track. And it is not only about making better food choices but also getting involved with the details in family life schedule. Everybody should, for example, watch less TV, spend time outside and make positive changes in every possible way.

It is important to remember all the way that you must represent a positive role model to your children so the accomplishment will result for everybody to be healthy and happy.