Our program and service positive rates

Our program and service positive rates


Choosing the right childcare for your family is one of the most important life decisions. While in research pay attention to check the reviews and rates about childcare programs.

Any organization may operate child care program from day to day, but it is totally another thing to attain high-quality child care program and make the most for your child in care.

Starting from basics like the location of the facility to cleanliness, the reputation of staff and center in the community over safety there are many others elements beside the mentioned ones that make a high-quality childcare program and service.

Our program is very well known for its great combination of group programs, individual activities, physical activities and free play time. Every program is defined by the different selection of crafts, toys, and activities based on different age requires of children.

With providing clear regulations when talking about working time, sick child policies or emergency procedures we are known for taking full responsibility of respecting every aspect of agreement with parents expecting same from them. With a proper dose of flexibility, it resulted in a great outcome as for children and parents also for our center.

Outnumbering compliments of satisfied parents are based on the professional approach of our staff members. With background composed of safety and health qualifications combined with many years of early childhood education, we managed to make a reputation as an institution that provides consistent and stable care. Our utmost attention is based on the safety and health of children and staff which only made parents feel comfortable and secure about our service. Details like accessible fire extinguishers, working smoke detectors or well-stocked first aid kits are the key details which make our service highly wanted.

All this is made from very objective parent perception because our work is also based on parent involvement in our programs. Parent are allowed to visit the facility and participate any time. As we don’t have anything to hide and our work is based on quality communication with parents with this integration we achieved only best possible results regarding children.

Basics are not what makes a successful child care program.